Residential Programs

Mercy provides short- and long-term housing for homeless adults along with a comprehensive array of supports designed to help them address the complex issues that resulted in them becoming homeless.

St. Elizabeth House

St. Elizabeth House offers transitional housing programs to the populations identified below as they receive supports addressing the obstacles that led to their lack of housing. In addition, St. Elizabeth House offers residents three meals a day and a full range of facilities.

Jumpstart to Jobs

Residents at St. Elizabeth House work with on-site case managers to set and accomplish goals, including reaching self-sufficiency and independence. Case managers and employment specialists work with residents to help them conduct job searches, enroll in continuing education/vocational training programs, submit job applications, and build job interviewing skills to obtain employment and regain their financial footing.

Women’s Program

St. Elizabeth House offers short-term, 90-day housing and supportive services for women in recovery. This program works to transition them from treatment to living and thriving in the community.

Community Respite Program

The Community Respite program provides short-term housing for adults experiencing mental health crises, allowing them to avoid in-patient hospital stays. In addition to housing and meals, individuals are provided with intensive case management to assist them in returning to independent living in the community.

Mercy House

The Mercy House program at St. Elizabeth House provides services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and co-occurring health conditions. 

The Residence
at St. Mary’s

The Residence at St. Mary’s, located within Saint Mary Home, provides supported housing for 12 adults with mental and physical disabilities. Each individual is housed in a separate apartment and has access to 24-hour staff support, homemade meals, and case management services.

The Haven

The Haven at Charter Oak provides 24-hour, on-site staff support to young adults, ages 18-25. These people are transitioning out of Department of Children and Family (DCF) services or other transitional living situations and are referred by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services’ Young Adult Services (YAS) Program. 

The Haven at Charter Oak provides a comprehensive array of services specifically designed to develop the skills, recovery resources, and supports needed for independence and successful community living including: 

  • Case management
  • Coordination with outpatient services 
  • Skill-building instruction and other rehabilitative activities including onsite psychoeducational groups 
  • Individualized service planning

Education Services

The Haven offers education and vocational support including extensive ongoing coordination between DMHAS, DCF, and local school systems to ensure that our young adults complete their education and gain the skills necessary to follow their individual vocational interests.

Money Management Services

The Money Management Services promote recovery by assisting individuals with building skills in budgeting and management of financial resources to achieve optimal quality of life and successful community living.

For more information on The Haven, please contact Susana Villalobos, Director of Youth Services at The Haven, at

221 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06106
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